Regulations for NBU

Last revision: Annual Meeting, 2004

Union of Norwegian Basketball Referees, NBU, was founded on May 5 1975.

NBU is a union of Norwegian basketball referees, who's purpose is to attend to the professional and economical interests of the basketball referees, especially towards the Norwegian Basketball Association and it's subordinate organizations.

Anyone with an authorization as a basketball referee under Norwegian Basketball Association can be admitted as a member.
The Board can invite as members people with authorization as a basketball referee under other national federations, that operate as a basketball referee in Norway.
The Annual Meeting can nominate equivalent persons as Honorary Members.
The Board can expel members who has not fulfilled their obligations towards NBU, or who from other reasons are not considered suitable for further membership.

Applications for membership is sent in writing to the Board. Applications is to be noted in the member register immediately. Withdrawals must be done in writing and must be in the hands of the Board no later than December 31. If later, the member will owe the membership fee for the next season.
Expulsions are sent in writing to the member.

The membership fee are determined by the Annual Meeting and applies for the basketball season.

The Annual Meeting is held every year in the autumn in connection to the clinic for elite referees. Proposals to the agenda must be in the possession of the Board no later than 1 - one - week before the Annual Meeting.

All ordinary and honorary members  can attend the Annual Meeting with full rights. Honorary members are not up for elections.
§8The Annual Meeting have presence of a quorum with the number of members present.
The Annual Meeting must:

  1. Elect chairman and reporter.
  2. Determine the agenda.
  3. Consider the report from the Board and Executive Committee.
  4. Consider the revised annual accounts for the working year.
  5. Determine the membership fee for the period.
  6. Consider the received motions.
  7. Carry out the elections according to these regulations.

The Annual Meeting must elect:

  1. President.
  2. Two members of the Board.
  3. When the Annual Meeting finds it suitable, based on the number of members, representative(s) in the Board for regions corresponding to the local districts of the Norwegian Basketball Association.
  4. Accountant.
  5. When the Annual Meeting finds it suitable, Vice President, Cashier, Secretary and a member in addition to the President. If this does not happen, the President and the to members of the Board constitute themselves.
  6. Election Committe with two members.

The President and the two board members are elected for 2 years in such a way that all of them are not up for election at the same Annual Meeting. When a President is to be elected, the two members are not up for election. The Accountant and the Election Committe are eleceted for 1 year.

Voting take place in writing when at least two members demands it. A motion is considered carried when it receives a majority of the votes, that is more than half of the given votes. Elections is carried out individually and in writing.
A candidate is considered elected when he receives a majority of the votes. If no candidate receives such majority, there will be a re-election between the two candidates who got the highest number of votes in the first election. If the re-elections results in a voting tie, the election is to be done by drawing lots. Blank votes is considered not polled.

An Extraordinary Annual Meeting is held after the Boards decision or when 1/3 of the members demands it. Extraordinary Annual Meetings can only consider those motions given in the summons. These regulations §6, §7 and §10 applies analogously.
The Board consists of the persons mentioned in §9 no. 1-2. The Board have a quorum when a majority of it's members are present after a summon.
The Board conduct the main daily management of NBU's operations. The Board can delegate competence to subordinate parts of the organization or to single members of the Board.

When an election is held in accordance to §9 no. 3 and 5, the persons mentioned in §9 no.5 acts as the Executive Committee of NBU. The Executive Committee have a quorum when a majority of it's members are present after a summon. The executive Committee conduct the daily administration in accordance to the power of attorney given by the Board.

The Board can decide to appoint committees to take care of limited tasks.

Members in regions corresponding to the local districts of the Norwegian Basketball Association can merge into Departments. The purpose of a NBU department shall be to look after the interests of the members towards Norwegian Basketball Association's subordinate organization in the region concerned. Wherever a department of NBU is established, all members of NBU in the region concerned is considered to be members of that department. Membership in a department can not imply distinct economical obligations for the member.
The by-laws of the department is established by the NBU Board. NBU will as far as possible allocate the necessary means to the departments management.

Disorganization of NBU can only be approved by the Extraordinary Annual Meeting after the Annual Meeting has agreed to disorganize according to motions put forward to the members together with the summons for the Annual Meeting. Approval of disorganization demands in both cases a 2/3 majority of the members present.
In case of disorganization, all NBU funds fall to purposes approved by the Extraordinary Annual meeting who decide upon the disorganization.

§ 17
The legally elected Board of NBU is excused from paying the membership fee to NBU in the period their are elected for.


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